Click to enlarge20 KHz Full Wave Water Cooled Booster

This 20 KHz full wave liquid/water cooled booster assembly provides ultimate stack temperature management.

The standard configuration uses an anodized aluminum input coupler to maximize thermal conduction of heat from the converter/transducer to the cooling liquid. The upper seal is by a single relatively massive o-ring seal utilizing a highly heat- and chemical-resistant o-ring material.

Ports The assembly comes standard with coolant fittings for 3/8-inch diameter ID tubing, sufficiently large for good coolant flow and sufficiently differentiated from the 1/4-inch OD fittings for cooling air on a typical 20KHz converter/transducer to avoid expensive inadvertent in-plant installation problems.

The cooling ports are offset so as to create a swirling flow in the coolant which improves heat transfer and helps to sweep away incipient cavitation bubbles and prevent cavitiation which could erode the vibrating components or the anodized aluminum cooling chamber sleeve.

A 1/4-NPT thermocouple port opposite the inlet/outlet ports allows easy installation of our type J thermocouple kit, useful both for monitoring actual coolant temperature and for creating a control circuit which would allow coolant flow only when the coolant rises to a certain temperature to avoid situations where a stack could become too cool.

AR System The lower seal is by means of a conventional booster o-ring mount arrangement that has 12 radial positions available for the anti-rotation feature. This allows the ports on the sleeve to be oriented at 30-degree intervals relative to a non-round horn/sonotrode.

All gain is generated in the output half-wave, which is made of aluminum for its high thermal conductivity and lower cost. Same assembly with titanium output end for maximum durability is model TBW100T.

Overall diameter is 3.25"/82mm (same as standard 20KHz booster mounting ring). Diameter in input nodal area is 2.97"/76mm (same as Branson CR-20/tributek AM44C20R housing). Stud and output threads are 1/2-20.

One year limited warranty. Made in USA. Note that this is a taxable item in Illinois unless you are a tax-exempt purchaser or intend to use this in manufacturing production.

TBW100 Brochure

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